About Us

Welcome, Cubs Fans,

I am an optimistic Cubs Fan, and a retired Teamster that thinks we Cubs Fans should have our own social gathering website.

A place we could meet and enjoy enthusiastic conversations about our love of Baseball and the Chicago Cubs in particular.

With your input I plan on having regular live face to face meetings and special live events.

I will let you all have input as to where our meetings should take place on a rotating schedule so everyone will have a chance to show their favorite dugout, diner or pub.

It will give each Cubs Fan an opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new stories, exciting tales and boast their long dedication of the Cubs.

I am just getting things started and will need a lot of your ideas and physical help.

Anyone interested in being part of  Cubs history can contact me at: Admin@ChicagoCubsFanClub.com

Thank you for visiting and for being a Chicago Cubs Fan.

Kindest regards,